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The Right-Wrong Tiles

Genre: comedy, family, adventure
Episode duration: 5 minutes
Audience: 3+ y.o.
Number of episodes per season: 12

"The Other Stories" is a cartoon about brother and sister, Kate and Tim, and also about two wonderful neighbors, Wrong and Right. As an embodiment of good and evil they confront each other, and in this hilarious confrontation small viewer understands that the world is neither black or white, but is much colorful and brighter.

A lot of interesting stories which explain the origin of certain words, sayings and idioms. Why is it said "cat got your tongue" or "mad as a hatter"? After all, every child wants to know why does the cat needs somebody's tongue and why all the hatters are mad?

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The Bunker

Genre: comedy, action, mystery
Episode duration: 21-22 minutes
Audience: 16+ y.o.
Number of episodes per season: 10

The story develops in an old military bunker that was built in the first half of the twentieth century. Sickening experiments that were conducted there иbecame a threat for humanity. As a result, a team of professionals was formed to keep evil creatures dwelling inside isolated from the outside world. Some characters changed from time to time but the goal remained the same: to protect people from the dangerous anomalies.

Unexpectedly and by luck of fortune, a young former FBI agent became one of the team members (whose career successfully ended because of his dumb nature)...

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